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Boxing is one of the most rewarding and challenging sports available to people who are serious and ready to get into shape. If you want to start an active lifestyle or compete in the many ranks of amateur boxing (Golden Gloves, and even Pro boxing), training is a must! The combination of athleticism, physical/mental conditioning, sportsmanship, and self-worth are the values that you will develop while you are training in a Boxing Program. Boxing will teach you to rely on yourself, value the input of others, and most importantly respect both your skill and the skill of your opponent. You will develop a level of self-confidence that you will carry with you for the rest of your life! 

For your first boxing class, if you don't have equipment (Gloves and Wraps), we have Boxing Gloves to borrow you until we order you your own equipment. We can offer better quality and prices than the local sports stores. Our orders typically come in within a few days. The only thing you will need for the first class is $10.60 to buy your own wraps, which we have in stock.


Warm-up - A complete head to toe warm-up. Its purpose is to safely prepare your muscles and tendons for the rest of the session.
Conditioning - This is typically a transition from the warm-up into some boxing specific strength and conditioning exercises. These are resistance exercises that emphasize muscular strength and endurance, speed, tone and anaerobic conditioning.

Technique - New techniques are introduced in each session. The objective is to build from the basics, such as fundamental punches, to more complex combinations and defensive maneuvers.

Hitting Drills - These are the heart of the program. Timed rounds are employed in a circuit training format that works everything from focus mitts to target shields to heavy bags and more. This is highly anaerobic, involving rounds (work intervals) interspersed with active recovery periods. After a series of these rounds, you will be refreshingly exhausted, de-stressed and invigorated.

Cool Down
- This gets your heart rate down while you stretch out and improve your flexibility. It can also serve as a Q&A and planning session with your instructor.


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