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160,000 kids will not attend school each day out of fear of a bully’s verbal or physical abuse. The number one cause of teen suicide is the result of some type of bullying. Additionally most school shootings are caused by kids that feel they have no other means to protect themselves. Our government has not been effective at dealing with these issues and our kids do not have the tools necessary to stop the abuse.

 This causes the kids to withdraw socially, lose confidence, become angry, and feel ashamed. Often parents are unaware that their child has been a victim of bullying.
 At New Way Martial Arts your kids will learn how to deal with these situations. Not only will they learn how to defend themselves physically, but how to prevent the bullying in the first place. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is not only regarded as the most effective self-defense program available, but also teaches kids core values that will help them to be confident and effective individuals for the rest of their life. These are just a few things your kids will learn from our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Program:
  • Athleticism
  • Goal Setting/Achieving
  • Leadership
  • Responsibility
  • Confidence
  • Discipline
  • Courage 
Confidence alone is usually enough to stave off a bully, couple that with the right kind of verbal response and most situations will be dissolved without the need of force. However if force is needed your child will have the confidence in themselves and their training to effectively deal with the situation.
 Jiu Jitsu translated means “the gentle art”. By utilizing joint locks and choke holds a smaller weaker individual can force an opponent to quit, submit, or discontinue their attack without causing them real harm. This is also why Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is so safe to train, a Jiu Jitsu practitioner can practice at 100% without injuring himself or his training partner. This is also why the art is so effective.


 Focus for class: We come to our knees or sit Indian style on the mat in silence. We take some guided breaths and focus on our training for the day. This is intended to help you clear your mind from the normal clutter you may have accumulated during your day.

 10-15 min warm up: During this portion the kids will do exercises that are designed to warm up their body and develop the muscle memory that is required to perform the various techniques involved in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

20-30 min technique:
During this portion your kids will learn 2-3 techniques one at a time from the instructor. After each technique is shown the kids will practice them with a partner to solidify the movements in their memory and refine their skill in performing the technique.

10-15 min drilling or sparring: During this time they will practice certain positions in a real world environment. Students will be encouraged to practice with increased intensity. This is where they find out which techniques will realistically work for them in a self-defense or competition situation. (Note: they do not have to participate in this portion until they are comfortable doing so. The children may continue working technique during this time if they choose.)

 Remember at New Way Martial arts we are all here to help each other. Your kids can expect guidance not only from the instructor, but from other kids in the class as well!


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