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Self Defense:

YOUR Life, YOUR Body, YOUR Soul, and YOUR Mind-  It's up to you to make a conscious choice to save it.
What will YOU do? Empower yourself! Sign up your group and/or your family.

Why is it important that we learn Self-Defense?

·         Every 45 seconds someone is physically assaulted in the United States.
·         Every hour two people are murdered in the United States.
·         Every 90 seconds someone is robbed.
·         Every 2 minutes someone is sexually assaulted.
·         Every 6 minutes someone is forcibly raped.

How does not knowing Self-Defense impact your life?

·         Feeling helpless if a situation happened to you
·         You may not do certain activities because you are afraid
·         You may lack self-confidence
·         You might be an easy target of violence

What you will learn from our Self-Defense Program

·         Self-confidence
·         Danger awareness
·         Distraction tactics
·         Escaping to safety
·         Physical self-defense utilizing leverage and technique

The Six Phases of Self Defense
1.    General Awareness – Accept that there is danger in the world and choose to do something about it NOT becoming a victim of it.
2.    Awareness of Potential Danger – Tune in and be aware of your surroundings. Know that the sooner you can be aware of danger, the more choices you have for dealing with it.

3.    Escape to Safety – Know how to choose good escape routes from where you are. Have escape routes pre planned.
4.    Distraction Tactics – Don’t be in a hurry to fight. If at all possible, use humor, trickery, and other non-threatening, non-confrontational strategies to diffuse the situation or distract the attacker’s mind away from you as the target.
5.   Project a Confident Attitude – As a last resort, use firm, committed speech and body language to try to dissuade the assailant from going through with his/her plan to attack. Let them know, in no uncertain terms, that you will not be an easy target!
6.   Physical Self-Defense – If all else fails and you end up at this phase, be prepared to win!

Call (586) 801-9991 to find out when our Next Self Defense Seminar will be held!
We also provide Self Defense Classes for small groups at your location or ours. 

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