Bobby "Coach" Curtis

Head Boxing Coach / Jiu Jitsu Instructor/ Owner

Bobby is a loving husband who has lived in the detroit area all his life. He has been training mixed martial arts for 15 years total, starting with western style boxing and trained with 2 Ex Pro boxers, Ray and Rick Gomez. Robert picked up boxing quickly and become very proficient at it. His boxing skills were then advanced by Training hard at various gym's such as Sal's Boxing Gym and Azteca Boxing Gym. He is a very active, talented, motivating and successful boxing coach who is also on the board of the detriot golden gloves to help promote and support local boxing. He has many successful amateur fighters and a PRO fighter that compete regularly. When he's not Coaching his Boxing Classes and Fighters, he is also still actively training and continues to build his Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Game. Robert is currently a 1st Degree Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and competes at Grappling Tournaments Regularly.

Contact him at to set up a private lesson. He is in pretty high demand for boxing lessons but will always do what he can to fit you into his schedule.

Jiu Jitsu lineage is: Robert Curtis > Carlos Machado > Carlos Gracie, Jr. > Carlos Gracie, Sr. > Mitsuyo Maeda

Elizabeth "Izi" Curtis

Boxing Coach/Jiu Jitsu Instructor/ Personal Trainer/ Functional Strength and Conditioning Coach/ Owner

Brown Belt in brazilian jiu jitsu and has an all Girl's Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Class where she can share her knowledge, struggles and tips through the years and her passion for it with other Girl's and Ladies open to learning. She is also a competitor in brazilian jiu jitsu and boxing. Some of the many hats that she wears at new way includes being a functional training certified group instructor, personal trainer, a USA Boxing registered coach and is also on the board of the detroit golden gloves to help promote and support local boxing, also to help promote women's boxing. Izi not only cares about motivating you to reach your goals and beyond, she also cares about quality in your movement, mobility and correcting postural issues and muscular imbalances unlike most trainers. She will also make sure your journey is fun along the way. Because it should be.

Izi wants everyone to feel the best they can feel by way of fitness and by encouraging those with illness to not give up and become your own health advocate to a cure for whatever ails you. If you’re not willing to help yourself, nobody will do it for you. Sometimes you have to take a chance and try the things you think might sound impossible which is how she was finally cured from Fibromyalgia.

Contact her at to set up an private lesson or private fitness training.

Jiu Jitsu lineage is: Elizabeth Curtis > Carlos Machado > Carlos Gracie, Jr. > Carlos Gracie, Sr. > Mitsuyo Maeda

Dan Belia

Assistant Boxing Instructor

Dan is a great technical Instructor who is good at focusing on details and will make sure you are doing the techniques properly. He is very proficient at Boxing. He assists in Coaching during fights and he also trains and competes in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as a Purple Belt.

Jiu Jitsu lineage: Dan Belia> Jason Kaczmarek> Carlos Machado> Carlos Gracie, Jr.> Carlos Gracie, Sr.> Mitsuyo Maeda

Rey Buhat

Yaw-Yan Kickboxing Instructor

Rey was born and raised in San Carlos City, Negros Occidental, Philippines and started his Martial Arts Journey in High School at 17yrs old with Kung Fu until he graduated High School. While earning his bachelors degree in engineering He started Tae Kwon Do and began his Full Contact Martial Arts Career at the age of 20 in Yaw-yan in the Yaw-Yan Temple operated by Master Julius Villaflores, who is the first generation and original disciple of Grand Master Napoleon Fernandez (The Founder of Yaw-Yan). Rey also took formal classes in the ArDigma System. ArDigma is short for “Stick Combatives” and involves using the arms and shins in place of a stick. In 1991, he was given the Loyalty Seal of the Yaw-Yan Brotherhood and was promoted as an Assistant Instructor. The loyalty seal is a Signature Branding of the Yaw-Yan Emblem put on the chest of the person becoming a full fledged Yaw-Yan Brother. In 2003, Rey moved out of the Philippines and moved to Michigan for work. With Michigan not having a very big following in the Martial Arts yet, he moved to California in hopes of spreading his knowledge of Yaw-Yan until he his job brought him back to Michigan where he now spreads his knowledge with the Students of New Way. Rey’s Fighting Career began in 1991, fighting people from many different fight systems. He fought professionally 5 times and has a record of 4-1.

Lineage-Grand Master Napoleon “Nap” Fernandez- Master Benigno “Ekin” Caniga Jr.-Guru Rey Buhut

Emily Berger

Judo Instructor

Emily is a very active and proud mom who does it all. She is passing her skills and knowledge of the art of Judo down to not only her own kids but to kids in the kids class as well as the adults class. You will see that her passion for Judo runs deep. She is a 3rd degree black belt in Judo and started under the instruction of her Father Jerry Wee over 20 years ago. Emily was also an elite athlete who lived at the Olympic Training Center.

Garrett "Sunshine" Ross

Kids and Adult Boxing Coach

Sunshine started training at new way in 2011 in the boxing program. He picked it up quickly and started competing in boxing tournaments in 2012. He also competes in brazilian jiu jitsu and has also had a few MMA fights. Sunshine is currently ranked 2nd in the state as a golden gloves champion. When he is not training for competition he is sharing his knowledge of boxing with the future generation of boxing. He has done a great job building our kids boxing program whether they are training to compete or just to learn a self defense skill to gain confidence. He is also ranked as a purple belt in brazilian jiu jitsu.

Jiu Jitsu lineage: Garret Ross> Jason Kaczmarek> Carlos Machado> Carlos Gracie, Jr.> Carlos Gracie, Sr.> Mitsuyo Maeda

Lisa Franzoni

Kids Boxing Coach

Lisa is a social worker by day and a boxing and fitness enthusiast by night. She has years of boxing and fitness experience with New Way, Martial Arts. Lisa is a competitive Boxer and is the mother of a teenage boy who is also a competitive Boxer with New Way. Lisa also is an assistant instructor in our adult and kids boxing programs. She is dedicated, enthusiastic and makes fitness a priority.

Adam Patrzalek

Boxing Instructor

Adam has been boxing at New Way for five and a half years. Before boxing he used to lift weight and started to get into body building, but after a short time it didn’t feel right and he began looking for a different type of training. He has always enjoyed watching boxing fights and movies, after doing research on different boxing gyms in Michigan he found New Way and began learning from the boxing coaches. After three years of training, Adam began competing in amateur boxing events and made it to the finals of the 2019 Detroit Golden Gloves. He has a passion for coaching and passing on his boxing knowledge. You can always spot adam at New Way wearing tie-dye.