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Yaw-Yan Kickboxing:

Yaw-Yan (Filipino Kickboxing)

Philippine Yaw-Yan Martial Arts, also called Sayaw ng Kamatayan or "Dance of Death" is a Filipino style of kickboxing developed by Napoleon Fernandez. Since its inception in the 1970s, it has dominated the kickboxing scene in the Philippines and has proven very effective against other stand-up fighting arts. Yaw-Yan closely resembles Muay Thai, but differs in the hip-torquing motion as well as the downward-cutting nature of its kicks, and the emphasis on delivering attacks from long range.

We are promoting Yaw-Yan because it is a fighting style that takes the best techniques of many other fighting stlyes into one. These are very effective techniques if your preparing for a fight or if your just taking the classes for fitness. This is a great workout not to mention you will be able to do very impressive kicks in no time.



 Warm-up - A complete head to toe warm-up including stretches. Its purpose is to safely prepare your muscles and tendons higher kicks during the rest of the session.

Conditioning - This is typically a transition from the warm-up into some kicking and core specific strength and conditioning exercises.

Technique - New techniques are introduced in each session. The objective is to build from the basics, to more complex kicks and conbinations making sure you understand the mechanics of all the techniques.

Hitting Drills - Rounds may include focus mitts, different targets, shields to heavy bags and more.  After a series of these rounds, you will be refreshingly exhausted, de-stressed and invigorated, not to mention you'll feel impressed with the techniques you've learned.

Cool Down
- This gets your heart rate down while you stretch out and improve your flexibility while also strengthening your core.


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